Cowgirl Chic

Last week we headed to Round Top, Texas for the big antique show. It's like nothing we have ever attended before - 26 miles of tents, tables, and tapestries that had everything from mannequin parts to typewriters from the1800's.
We were enchanted by these urban cowgirl looks by Spellbound - so girly but vintage at the same time! We love the treasures that we found, and can't wait for the next sale.

Farmers Market Soups

It's so nice to see new ingredients and vegetables showing up at our local Dallas Farmers Market. Fresh eggs, radishes, mushrooms, and other farm fresh goodies are all now available to buy.
We decided to use some of our purchases to make some soups, and we have the recipes on our Lifestylist website. All are easy to make and whenever possible we make them with a vegetarian spin. The Cream of Mushroom is one of our favorites - see what you think!

Life.Styled by a Lifestylist

What exactly does that mean?

We've been building our Lifestylist® Brand for over 20 years now - where does the time go? We have worked with great companies like The Home Depot, JC Penney, Home Interiors and Gifts, and many others.
At the end of the day though who we really like working with is consumers, and helping them to discover their "inner diva" which everyone has hidden in their somewhere.

Life is a journey, and why not enjoy that journey stylishly?

We found this plate that we used styling this soup recipe shot in a Goodwill store in Erie, Pennsylvania. It's hand painted and cost us a whopping 23 cents! It's now one of our favorites and I'm sure that you'll be seeing a lot more of it.

LifeStyled is a lot more fun. Join us on this journey as we all become more stylish together.