Life.Styled by a Lifestylist®

 Life is ever-changing, which is why we have to adapt. evolve. or become extinct. That definitely defines my life and brands - I learn as I go and a lot of times follow different paths. I am an observer - I like to stand back and watch to see people and places as they are unedited. 

This week has been wonderfully busy, exciting, and life-changing. 24 hours in New Orleans was invigorating. Walking the streets and people-watching, having wonderful conversations with new friends, and above all learning was just what I needed. Then getting to spend time at the State Fair of Texas before it opens also was a great exercise in listening and learning. 

As I change, my social media and writing do as well. Even though I should be working on making a living so I can pay my bills, I kept getting drawn to experiences that don't pay a thing, but feed my soul. 

Here's hoping I can find a perfect balance at some point, but until then I am going to keep wandering and seeing where the roads less traveled take me.

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